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Back Pain After Sports

Back Pain After Sports

Doing sport is fun and healthy. But for top athletes, injuries lurk around every corner. The (lower) back is a sensitive topic for many. Whether you are an athlete or not, almost everyone suffers from lower back pain at some point. As an athlete, however, you have an increased risk of injury because sports often require sudden, powerful movements. Do you often notice back pain after sports? Be careful with it! We give you some tips on how to treat or even prevent lower back pain.

Train your back muscles and correct your posture

You haven't been doing sport for very long? Then first choose a sport that puts less strain on your back, such as swimming or cycling. This way you build up your muscle strength and fitness. Also do specific exercises to train your back and core muscles. Strong back muscles and a strong trunk prevent back injuries. Incorrect posture is a common cause of (lower) back pain. If you often train incorrectly, this can lead to a permanent injury. Therefore, make sure you know a sport before you start it: You should know in advance which muscles you will be using. Also warm up your muscles with preparatory exercises before the actual training or competition. This will also improve your performance later.

Protect yourself from overstress and rest in time

Do you do sports that put a strain on your back, such as tennis, jogging or fitness? Then you should consider wearing a back brace. A brace stabilises the muscles in your torso and improves your posture. You will have fewer problems with your back. A high-quality brace is also light and comfortable, so it won't bother you. It's worth the investment for anyone who trains regularly and takes care of their body! For a top athlete, rest is a nightmare. But it is also a necessity. If you don't rest in time, you run the risk of making your injury worse than it already is. Before you know it, you'll be sitting at home with permanent back pain and unable to do any more sport. So put the brakes on in time! Do you also want to prevent sports injuries? In our shop you will find support bandages and supports for every type of sport.

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