Benefits of the Bauerfeind Sports Back Support for Winter Sports

Benefits of the Bauerfeind Sports Back Support for Winter Sports

There are many back supports and braces out there that claim benefits like comfort, pain-relief, and compression. However, not many of them can provide all of those benefits at once while providing freedom of movement to athletes. So, if you are ready for a support that won’t hold you back, you will love adding the Bauerfeind Sports Back Support to the mix.



Whether you are hitting the slopes or training for your next competition, the Bauerfeind Sports Back Support lets you move with ultimate comfort. The light and airy knitted fabric makes this support feel more like a second skin than a stiff back brace. Plus, the flat abdominal fastening feature makes putting this support on a breeze thanks to its tightening loops. Anatomically shaped for a secure fit without sacrificing your freedom of movement, this back support is perfect for athletes that want to perform their best in a safe, pain-free way. 

Sports Back Support




After a particularly hard practice or a bad slip on the slope, our backs tend to not feel their very best. Instead of packing up the poles or hanging up the snowboard, athletes should consider wearing the Bauerfeind Sports Back Support. Reason being, this brace provides custom compression and back pain relief to help get athletes back on their feet. In fact, the soft pad of the support provides intermittent massage with movement to reduce trigger points and stimulate muscles. This will help encourage regeneration, blood flow, and relief all throughout your practice or competition.


Sports Back Support



Another one of the benefits that athletes can benefit from is the improved sensorimotor feedback provided by the lateral wings of the support. This combination of enhanced sensorimotor feedback and stimulation of the core muscles have a positive effect on posture without any risk of atrophy or discomfort. Not only will this help you feel better as you hit the slops, but it will also translated into higher confidence. With so many benefits, it is easy to see why the Bauerfeind Sports Back Support is a must-have for athletes.

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