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Best Elbow Brace for Winter Sports

Best Elbow Brace for Winter Sports

From the Olympic Games to local meets, snowboarders and skiers make each move look easy. However, those triple corks and aerials aren’t perfected over night. Instead, they were developed by months and months of practice and conditioning. While most athletes soar through the conditioning season, others are just plain sore. And when this agitation develops into a full-blown pain, skiers and snowboarders may not make it to the slopes at all. Fortunately, with a high-quality elbow brace like the Bauerfeind Sports Elbow Support, athletes can stay strong and protected throughout conditioning and competitions. 

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During the conditioning season, athletes will go through numerous rounds of cardio and strength training to get in shape for the upcoming season. While an intensive, repetitive workout is great for strengthening the muscles, it can also agitate the muscles and cause injury or pain. Since we often use our arms in a variety of cardio and strength training, this leaves our elbows especially vulnerable to injury.





Fortunately, the Sports Arm Support was specifically engineered to keep the elbow stabilized throughout the conditioning season, boost circulation, and reduce damaging muscle vibrations. This will not only prevent the elbows from hyperextending and overloading, but it also helps speed up the recovery process in between workouts. This will help skiers and snowboarders get stronger without the fear of overloading before the season begins. Plus, with breathable Air Knit technology, the Sports Elbow Support will feel like a second skin instead of a bulky, stiff arm brace.


Even though skiers and snowboarders might not be doing pushups or hitting the rowing machine while on the slopes, they can still benefit from the stabilizing, soothing properties of the Sports Elbow Support. For example, skiers pushing themselves through a course and snowboarders reaching for their board to pull a 180 still leaves room for elbow agitation. Not to mention the dangers of falling awkwardly on the elbow should the athlete fall. 

Sports Elbow Support

 That is why the Sports Elbow Support was designed to comfortably hug the elbow joint to redistribute pressure, protect against muscle overload, and keep the joint stable. The anatomically contoured pads of the support also provide positive sensorimotor feedback that can translate into improved confidence and a better performance. After all, without the fear of injury, athletes can give it their all move after move. From conditioning season to competition season, the Bauerfeind Sports Elbow Support will keep skiers and snowboarders safe, confident, and ready to take on any challenge the season throws at them.

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