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Keep Your Ankles Healthy while Boxing

Keep Your Ankles Healthy while Boxing

When it comes to boxing, most of the attention is focused on athletes landing the perfect punch. In the midst of delivering the perfect jab, jab, uppercut, however, boxers are also placing immense concentration into error-free footwork. Constantly outmaneuvering an opponent and shuffling around the ring is hard enough without the worry of a sprained or twisted ankle. Fortunately, this worry can be knocked out when boxers add the Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support to the mix.

Sports Ankle Support



While ankle pain and injuries can stem from a lot of causes, one major source is unstable ankle joints. If a boxer is entering the ring without protecting his or her ankles, one wrong step can immediately end their time in the ring. That is why the Sports Ankle Support features an innovative figure eight strapping system that provides custom stabilization and ankle support that is gentle and breathable. Plus, with a slim design, this support easily fits within a boxer’s shoe. The best part? No matter how rigorous the activity, this strap will never slip out of place. This provides athletes with stabilization round after round.


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In addition to providing ankle support and preventing ankle pain, the Sports Ankle Support also provides medical-standard compression that boosts circulation and reduces damaging muscle vibrations. This will significantly reduce joint, tendon, and ligament loads and, in turn, reduce the chance of ankle pain or injury. The compression of this support also encourages optimal performance during both practices and matches thanks to the increase in blood flow to the surrounding muscles. 


Sports Ankle Support



Of course, the benefits of the medical-standard compression of the Sports Ankle Support does not end there. In addition to boosting circulation, the compression of this ankle support provides positive sensorimotor feedback to ensure that athletes are performing their best. This feedback can then translate to improved confidence and reduce injury rates. From casual boxers to full-time competitors, boxers of all skill levels will notice a difference when wearing the Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support.

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