Running For Beginners: Top Tips

Running For Beginners: Top Tips

Take up running: the perfect time is now!

You’ve always enjoyed watching sports from the comfort of your sofa, but now you’ve decided that a little more exercise is bound to be good for your health and wellbeing? Well, this is the perfect article for you then!

There could be no better time than right now in spring to simply give running or any other sport a go. We have put together the seven most important tips for you to make taking up running as easy as possible.

Running for Beginners: relaxation and suitable equipment

1. Stop thinking, start running!

It is exhausting, it is time-consuming, and afterwards you’ll be sore – you can come up with quite a few reasons why running is a bad idea. But there are even more reasons why taking up running is a great idea! Deep down you know this, so you might as well put on your trainers or running shoes and get started. It doesn’t matter whether you manage to run for several kilometres right away, or have to take your first break after just 100 metres. The only thing that matters is that you give it a try, and get used to it – and maybe a life without running will soon seem impossible.

2. Walking is permitted!

Don’t worry if you “catch” yourself needing to stop after just a little while. It’s perfectly normal and you will see that it takes just a little training, and soon you will be able to keep going for much longer, and you will learn to find your perfect rhythm.

To begin with, you may choose to alternate between short walking breaks and running passages, for example, based on this pattern: 4 x 5 minutes of running, with a three minute walking breaks in between. Over time you can gradually extend the running periods and shorten the walking breaks. What’s important especially to begin with: if you don’t feel well, do not force yourself to keep running, but listen to your body!

3. Go shopping!

You need very little equipment to take up running (this is another good reason for getting started right now!), however, there are a few important items you should buy.

Running shoes: they are the most important item, and quite literally the foundation for a regular running routine. You will soon notice the big difference between basic trainers and good running shoes. The special cushioning properties of a running shoe provide relief for your joints, and they also make running far more comfortable. This is important: please visit a specialist retailer to buy your shoes, ideally a store dedicated to running equipment. Here you’ll be able to try on the shoes and to even take a little test run. This will allow an experienced sales assistant to see which shoe matches your running style. A treadmill analysis will show aspects such as how your foot touches the ground while running, and whether your shoe needs, for example, “pronation support”, an element that prevents your foot from buckling towards the inside.

Running clothes: it may be sunny and rather warm in spring already, however, temperatures still differ significantly over the course of the day, especially in March and April. To take up running, you should therefore wear a breathable running shirt and a lightweight running jacket that should at least keep out the wind and that can be quickly opened and taken off if needed. Lightweight running trousers are also a good idea. Cotton material is prone to absorbing sweat, and this can lead to painful chafing of your skin, especially on the thighs.

Compression clothing and sports supports: there are little additional aids that will help you take up running with ease. Especially as a beginner at running, you are at risk of getting sore muscles or twisting your ankle, as your muscles still need to get used to this new type of strain. Our products provide for ideal support in this respect. Targeted medical compression applied for example to your calves or thighs with our Compression Sleeves, prevents muscle soreness and speeds up your muscles’ recovery. Sports supports stabilise your knee and ankle joints and provide added protection against twisting and severe ligament injuries. Take a look at the running socks, sleeves, and supports available at our online shop right now!

This is important for running novices: increase the strain slowly, and don’t forget to hydrate

4. Take small steps towards success!

This advice will become very important once you have been on a couple of runs and developed a certain degree of routine: increase the extent of your training slowly. Even if you feel good and fit enough to tackle longer distances: your bones, muscles, and tendons have to get used to the increased strain gradually, to prevent injuries that will put a sudden stop to your efforts.

5. Breaks are important!

The previous rule also applies when it comes to the time you allow between your runs: take things slowly. When you take up running, you are bound to experience muscle soreness a few times. This is a sign that your body is still in the recovery phase. Allow your body this time to recover and take enough time to relax.

6. Hydration, hydration, hydration!

This is not news: it is important to stay hydrated. It’s particularly true when you take up endurance sports such as running. Make sure to establish a “drinking routine” right from the start. This means: you should ideally have one or two small glasses of water before your run, as well as afterwards to make sure that lost fluids are replaced as quickly as possible. Water helps your muscles recover, and it cools down your body when it has “run hot”.

7. Keep going!

Take small steps to increase your training sessions, and take sufficient breaks, but make sure you keep up the routine. Enter two or three fixed running days in your calendar, or find friends or a running group to help you stay motivated. After just a few weeks, you will most likely be eager to get out there and run. This is why spring is the perfect time to take up running. Have fun!

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