Swing Safely Every Tennis Season

Swing Safely Every Tennis Season

From overhead hits to powerful swings over the net, tennis demands a high amount of twisting in the upper and lower areas of the back. Over time, this can lead to strains and sprains in the back that cuts a player’s season short. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent back pain from tennis with the Bauerfeind Sports Back Support.


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When it comes to back pain from tennis, poor posture can cause additional stress on the back that can lead to season-ending injuries. That is why one of the benefits of the Sports Back Support is its ability to help improve a player’s posture. The combination of the enhanced sensorimotor feedback of the brace paired with its stimulation core musculature provides a stabilizing, positive effect on posture. This will remove any additional stress and pain from building on a player’s back during a match or practice.  




Trigger points, or uncomfortable tight muscles, can prevent a player from performing their very best. Fortunately, the innovative pad of the support features massaging nubs that send intermittent massages with each movement to reduce trigger points and stimulate a player’s muscles. This will keep players feel comfortable and flexible each time they step on to the court. 




Thanks to its 3D Air Knit technology, the Sports Back Support will never hold a player back. Lightweight and comfortable, the support allows players maximum freedom of movement while providing ideal back stabilization swing after swing. Discreet enough to wear under clothing, this easily-washable support is the perfect way for tennis players to stay safe and pain free all season long. 


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