Thigh Compression and Endurance for Basketball

Thigh Compression and Endurance for Basketball

Basketball: fun to watch, demanding to play. Think about it! Constantly sprinting, pivoting, shooting, and landing can exhaust even the best-trained players if they are not getting enough oxygen circulating throughout their body. Instead of pushing themselves through the exhaustion, basketball players should add the Bauerfeind Sports Compression Thigh Sleeve to their gear for a stronger season. 


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Anyone who has worn a compression sleeve will agree that they provide relief to overworked muscles. However, the Bauerfeind Sports Compression Thigh Sleeve goes above and beyond just feeling good. In fact, the medical grade compression of the sleeve gradually decreases from the lower thigh to the upper thigh in order to promote circulation and improve the transfer of oxygen throughout the body. The result? Longer endurance, faster regeneration of damaged muscles, reduced fatigue, and more energy to give each game 100% effort. That is the power of compression.  


Sports Compression Sleeves Upper Leg



Of course, the Sports Compression Thigh Sleeve also feels great against the skin while worn. The wide ends of the sleeve feature silicone dotted bands and adhesive zones to ensure a perfect, comfortable fit that stays in place throughout each practice and game. 



Sports Compression Sleeves Upper Leg



The temperature-regulating microfibers of the brace keep the joints and muscles of the thigh warm but is breathable on the skin for unparalleled comfort. From going hard at practice to giving it their all during championship games, basketball players can go the distance with the Bauerfeind Sports Compression Thigh Sleeve.

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