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Why Athletes will Love the Sports Compression Arm Sleeve

Why Athletes will Love the Sports Compression Arm Sleeve

In nearly every aspect of sports and athletic training, our arms serve as a powerhouse for activity. No matter what sport you play or what fitness goal you are hoping to accomplish, keeping your arms healthy, strong, and safe from injury is essential. That is why Bauerfeind created an arm sleeve that offers a plethora of perks while resting comfortably against the skin. Read on to discover what makes the Bauerfeind Sports Compression Arm Sleeve a must-have for athletes. 

Sports Compression Sleeves Arm



One of the main features of the Sports Compression Arm Sleeve is its medical standard compression. This compression decreases gradually from an athlete’s wrist to their upper arm to help boost circulation and transfer oxygen throughout the body. This will not only increase endurance during competitions and training sessions, but it will also lower premature fatigue. With the Sports Compression Arm Sleeve, athletes can give it their all each time they step into the gym or onto the court, field, or rink.

Sports Compression Arm Sleeves


Nothing is worse than enduring an uncomfortable, itchy, or restricting arm sleeve. Fortunately, the highly breathable microfiber build of the Compression Arm Sleeve feels more like a second skin than a bulky brace. Featuring temperature regulating microfiber, the sleeve keeps the joints and muscles warm without restricting an athletes freedom of movement. The sleeve also features strategically placed elbow zones that boast softer material for sensitive points. No matter how long the competition or training session, athletes will remain comfortable with the Compression Arm Sleeve.

Sports Compression Sleeves Arm


In addition to feeling great, the materials of the Sports Compression Arm Sleeve also protect you against harmful UV radiation during outdoor practices and games. This makes them ideal for beach volleyball, soccer, and football players that see a lot of outdoor exposure. With a UPF of 80, this sleeve not only keeps your muscles safe, but it also keeps your skin safe against longterm sun damage. With so many beneficial features, adding the Sports Arm Compression Sleeve to your gym bag is a wise choice.

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