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Sports Compression Knee SleeveSports Compression Knee Sleeve
A great feeling helping your top performance! The Sports Compression Knee Sleeve is the perfect companion for virtually every sport. Thanks... Sale price$89.00
Sports Compression Calf Sleeves (1 Pair)Sports Compression Calf Sleeves (1 Pair)
The Sports Compression Calf Sleeves strengthen the muscles in the lower legs through powerful compression. The compressive effect is based... Sale price$89.00
Sports Compression Arm Sleeves (1 Pair)Sports Compression Arm Sleeves (1 Pair)
The Sports Compression Arm Sleeves strengthen the arm muscles with a comfortable compression effect. The compressive effect is based on... Sale price$89.00
Run Ultralight Low Cut SocksRun Ultralight Low Cut Socks
Pleasantly lightweight, pleasant to wear, pleasantly quick: our Low Cut Trail Running Socks are the perfect companions on all your... Sale price$39.00
Run Ultralight Mid Cut SocksRun Ultralight Mid Cut Socks
Turn the trail into your challenge! Fully focus on running with the Run Ultralight Mid Cut Socks. The “Infinity Zone”... Sale price$49.00
Run Ultralight Compression SocksRun Ultralight Compression Socks
Power all the way to the top: our trail running socks support your calves with targeted compression, in particular when... Sale price$89.00
Sports Compression Thigh Sleeves (1 Pair)Sports Compression Thigh Sleeves (1 Pair)
The Sports Compression Thigh Sleeves strengthen the muscles in the thigh through powerful compression. The compressive effect is based on... Sale price$99.00
Sports Recovery Compression Socks (Pair) - Bauerfeind Australia Sports Recovery Compression Socks (Pair) - Bauerfeind Australia
Pioneering the way in compression since 1929, the Sports Recovery Compression Socks are designed to alleviate tired muscles after a... Sale price$89.00
Trail Run Compression SocksTrail Run Compression Socks
Our Trail Run Compression Socks support your calves with targeted compression - especially when the trails get steeper and the... Sale price$89.00
Outdoor Merino Compression SocksOutdoor Merino Compression Socks
Go further on your next adventure. The new Bauerfeind Outdoor Merino Socks support your legs with targeted compression, revolutionary functional... Sale price$89.00
Sports Compression Ankle SupportSports Compression Ankle Support
The Sports Compression Ankle Support improves joint perception in the ankle joint thanks to its seamless compression knit. Movements of... Sale price$39.00
Outdoor Merino Mid Cut SocksOutdoor Merino Mid Cut Socks
Mid-length hiking socks for maximum performance and reliable comfort on any terrain. With 35% merino wool and clever functional zones,... Sale price$49.00
Trail Run Mid Cut SocksTrail Run Mid Cut Socks
Make the trail your challenge! With the Trail Run Mid Cut Socks you can fully concentrate on running. The particularly... Sale price$49.00
Ski Performance Compression SocksSki Performance Compression Socks
Overview Ski Performance Compression Socks provide energy for the slopes and support the calf muscles through special compression zones. These... Sale price$89.00
Sports Compression Elbow SupportSports Compression Elbow Support
Avoid injuries and play carefree: Our compression bandage for the elbow is ideal as a lightweight companion, especially for ball... Sale price$59.00
Ski Ultralight Compression SocksSki Ultralight Compression Socks
Ski Ultralight Compression Socks are thin, highly effective skiing companions that vitalize the calf muscles through medical compression. Compression decreases... Sale price$89.00

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