Black Edition Supports, Straps & Sleeves

More stability, support and endurance in a timelessly stylish design

Meet the new Bauerfeind Black Edition products. Innovative braces and supports made of high-quality materials with proven effectiveness in a timelessly stylish design. Stabilize your joints, relieve strain and improve proprioception for better endurance and more comfort with every step.

Sports Knee Support

Extra breathable knee support made for activity

Sports Compression Knee Support

Targeted compression for moderate joint support

Sports Knee Support NBA

Next-level knee support for endurance on and off the basketball court

Compression Knee Support NBA

For moderate joint support and more confidence on and off the court

Sports Knee Strap

Targeted relief of patellar tendon for intense running and jumping sports

Sports Ankle Support

Stabilizes the ankle with an individually adjustable taping strap

Sports Ankle Support Dynamic

Stabilizes the ankle with an individually adjustable taping strap

Sports Achilles Support

Relieves Achilles tendon pain or discomfort to stay in the race

Sports Back Support

Lightweight and breathable back brace for activity

Sports Elbow Support

Elbow pain (Tennis Elbow) relief

Sports Elbow Strap

For targeted relief of the elbow during sports

Sports Compression Arm Sleeves

With targeted compression to improve performance and recovery

Sports Compression Thigh Sleeves

Help relieve pulled or tight hamstrings as well as sore legs

Sports Compression Calf Sleeves

Muscle-specific targeted compression for peak performance

Sports Wrist Strap

Relieves the wrist during exercise

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