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Autumn Run

Autumn Run

We’ve all been there - the feeling of tiredness mixed with melancholy - when the brown leaves start to fall from the trees and the rain drops run down the window panes. The autumn is always a somewhat two-sided thing for runners – both casual runners as well as professional athletes. On the one hand, we all know that feeling of “needing to do something”, to stay somewhat in shape. On the other hand, our inner laziness looks out at the grey, rainy skies and gets the best of us during those seasons when the sun doesn’t shine and the temperatures drop. With all of that in mind, running in the autumn can be a beautiful experience – with the right clothing on your body and the right mindset.

...and the right preparation

Sure, it’s not enough to just wear an airy shirt and super tight running shorts in the autumn months. The right autumn running clothing should consist of the following:

Good Running Shoes

Even if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a sport, it is hard to avoid investing in a good pair of running shoes. But it is always worth it! The right fit and support as well as cushioning are all things that pay off after just a short time running. In addition to that, the top models from large brands simply last longer. Please note: If you tend to run in the woods or amongst nature, then it is worth getting some waterproof, strong profiled shoes.

Sports Insoles

A well fitted running shoe is perfectly enhanced with a fitting sports insert. The Bauerfeind Sports Insoles Run & Walk ensure a secure and protected step for your foot with their Weightflex® technology while running, hiking, and walking. This allows you to give your best running performance for longer without any issues.

Running Shirt, Jacket and Trousers

Like with all sporty activities, no matter what time of year it is, you should always have the best functional clothing for the autumn. This clothing should be breathable, ensure quick repelling of moisture and should also be temperature regulating to boot: You won’t freeze so quickly. The popular “layered look” consists of wearing several items of clothing over one another for getting through the lower temperatures. A good running jacket is also wind and waterproof to keep autumn storms at bay. Watch out: Don’t wrap up too warm, as you will be exercising and don’t want to overheat!

Hat, Gloves and Co.

Even though the loss of heat via the head is much lower than it has long been believed: Hats and gloves are an absolute must for runners! When the temperatures really drop, it is also recommended to wear a scarf on the mouth and nose – this protects the bronchioles against icy air. A smart solution for people who feel cold easily: Compression Sleeves that lay tightly on the skin and improve the transport of oxygen through the body as well as blood circulation – which all improves your performance.

Running Socks

All of the gear for your feet is nicely rounded off with the right pair of socks. For the autumn, these should not be too thick, but rather breathable. Compression socks are also even better for preventing soreness and cramps during and after your runs. These properties are all combined in our run socks.


Run Ultralight Compression Socks
Light, lighter, ultralight! The Run Ultralight Compression Socks targeted compression ensures that your muscles stay fit for longer and that you have more energy reserves available – and you will hardly notice them because of their lightweight design.


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