Compression Sleeves

Tennis Training on a completely new level

Tennis Training on a completely new level

Game, Set and Match: Tennis Training with the aids from Bauerfeind Sports

Not only the professionals but also amateurs and ambitious recreational players have to be in top shape to succeed at one of the many tournaments on clay or hard courts.

Your aces to win: fitness and the right tennis clothing

To win one needs talent and the right tennis clothing but also a lot of mental and physical fitness. Playing up to six matches in just two weeks at the tournaments in Paris, London, New York, and many other towns decent muscle regeneration and avoiding injuries is the be-all and end-all.

Bauerfeind Sports has made it its business to help tennis players, no matter if professional or amateur, achieve their big dream: raising the winner’s trophy after nerve-wracking rallies. Game, Set and Match with Bauerfeind Sports’ tennis clothing!


Bauerfeind Sports: Tennis Training with a genuine added value

Innovative pad massages and stimulates muscles and fascia

Our Sports Support products think further. They effectively support arms, back, ankles and knees, still allowing for maximum motion control. The integrated pads absorb peak loads, relieve the joint and optimally distribute forces throughout the joints. Especially complex sports like tennis demand for this certain amount of relief. Thanks to the pads the ligaments, tendons, muscles, and the connective tissue are being massaged with every move, which, in turn, positively affects sensorimotor function. By this, you effectively counteract the risk for injuries and pain from overload fades faster.


Medical compression knit fabric

The highly elastic microfibre we use for our products of the Sports Compression Line allows for a dosed compression in accordance with medical standards. This compression excites blood circulation and facilitates the oxygen supply of the musculature. Your muscles warm up faster before training, tire more slowly and regenerate better until the next match. You can use this additional energy for victories – while, at the same time, the function of the Sports Compression Sleeves protects you from injuries of the muscles.

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