Best Knee Support for Running

Best Knee Support for Running



Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support

Non-Slip Design: Runners want a support that stays in place, because the best support in the world doesn’t help if it’s down around your ankles or you’re constantly stopping to pull it up. With its anatomical shape and gripping zones, the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support is designed to stay in place during rigorous activity.


Kneecap Stabilization & Pain Relief: Kneecap tracking is often the source of pain for many runners. To reduce pain you have to stabilize the kneecap. The Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support has an Omega Pad® made of viscoelastic material which provides 360º of stabilization and redistributes forces away.

Durable, Breathable & Washable: Comfort is important and this one is breathable and moisture-wicking. After your workout just throw it in the wash on a delicate cycle (no fabric softener, bleach or Woolite) and lay flat to dry, this will prolong the life of your knee support.

Other notes about the Sports Knee Support:
• Graduated Compression
• 6 Precision Sizes for Best Fit
• 2 Color Options: Black & Rivera
• Available for $145 at Bauerfeind Singapore


“I am a runner and a cyclist. Due to overuse of my knees I developed knee pain. After many attempts in searching for a reliable knee support to help me continue with my outdoor activities I found this item and purchased it. I finally found a knee support that will allow me to continue with my sports activities. I wear it during my 6-8 miles run three times a week. It stays in place, feels snug but comfortable and gives me the support I need. I am very happy with it and highly recommend this product.”

 Carina M. via

Best knee support. I like that it is longer. It provides a lot of support and stays in place while running.
 Emily via

It’s the knee support ever!!! I’ve been a sprinter since elementary school. I’ve done so much damage to my running so but this knee support tops any support my dr has every given me.”
– via

“I used this to train for my marathon. Helped me get my training runs done when my knee hurt. I think it gave my knee enough support that it helped it heal faster than without it.”
 Angela Busey via

“Worth the $$$. Best fit of any knee support I have purchased.
 S.J. via

Wonderful support! Unlike any other knee support that I’ve owned and I have had almost every kind. Doesn’t slide down easy to get on and off.
 Emily via

Best knee sleeve I’ve ever owned.
 Rick G. via

Great support! Holds the patella in place while providing support. Lightweight and very breathable. Stays in place! Most supports slip while being worn. Holds its shape and seems like it will not get too stretched out over time.
– via

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