Best Supports for HIIT Workouts

Best Supports for HIIT Workouts

Why are HIIT workouts so effective?

Short bursts of intense activity burn more calories and increase anaerobic muscle building/development. When done properly, weight loss and improved muscle mass can often be seen in just a few weeks.

Support your body during HIIT workouts

The Bauerfeind Sports Support Line is designed specifically for athletes performing intense bursts of exercise. Made in Germany with the same quality craftsmanship that Bauerfeind is known for, these new Sports supports are now 30% lighter for a cooler, more comfortable workout.

What is HIIT?

“High Intensity Interval Training” is an exercise category referring to short bursts of max-intensity exertion followed by brief periods of low-intensity activity or rest. The person performing the workout is encouraged to focus on proper form and speed of each exercise in a given circuit. These “sprints” are repeated over and over until the person is too exhausted to continue.

Stabilize back muscles and ankle joints to achieve your fitness goals

HIIT workouts place emphasis on variety, constantly adapting training cycles to get more out of yourself. This requires determination, but also strength, body control, flexibility and core stability. Baurfeind’s Sports Support Line provide effective support during your workout.

Athletic braces for your back engage stabilizing core muscles, positively promote muscle activation and improve your posture. Integrated raised nodules stimulate your muscles and fascia with every movement for improved proprioception.

Bauerfeind’s Sports Ankle Support Dynamic supports your ankle with medical-grade compression, promoting circulation and joint stability. This lightweight, flexible support fits right into an athletic shoe without restricting movement in any way.

Athletic braces are as flexible as your daily workouts require thanks to their anatomical fit and lightweight knit fabric. They sit like a second skin. Sports Support Line products reduce the risk of injury as your physical fitness increases - for varied training without discomfort.

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