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How To Increase Running Stamina

How To Increase Running Stamina

Struggling to increase the intensity or distance of your runs? Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy solution here. But there are a few key steps and other helpful tips to help you succeed. From consistency to carbs to compression, here’s how to increase your running stamina.

Train Consistently

Regular training is essential if you want to see improvement. It will help you increase your aerobic capacity (essentially, the amount of oxygen your muscles can use during exercise) and improve the strength of your running muscles. That said, a 30-minute jog once a week won’t be enough. You’ll need to aim for 3-4 30-minute jogs a week and gradually increase your distance and time.

Gradually Increase Your Running Distance

By gradually increasing, we mean slowly building on your runs every week. For example, if you ran 5 km three times last week, this week you can try for 5.5. Do note, though; you need to keep the increases at a minimum. Most experts recommend increasing your distance by 10% a week at maximum. Taking on too much too fast raises your risk of burnout and injury.

Do The Right Type Of Strength Training

The stronger your muscles are, the longer they’ll last on your runs. But for the best results, you’ll need to take a measured approach.

  1. Aim for 2-3 15-minute strength-building workouts per week. You’ll start building some muscle mass without exhausting your legs.
  2. Gradually increase your rep counts, the number of sets you do, or your resistance level.
  3. According to research study results, isometric and plyometric exercises are great for increasing stamina and boosting performance.

Use Compression

Add Sports Compression Socks or Calf Sleeves to the mix. In no particular order, these will:

  • Boost blood flow. Better circulation means your muscles get the oxygen and nutrients they need (and remove the waste they don’t) quicker, reducing the rate of fatigue
  • Reduce muscle oscillation. Oscillations are the uncomfortable vibrations shooting up your legs when your feet hit the ground. Along with being uncomfortable, muscle oscillation can make you tire out faster and damage muscle tissues.
  • Improve proprioception. Proprioception is how well your muscles activate and how accurately your brain registers the positioning of your body. Quality compression products communicate with your nerves to activate your muscles more efficiently when you run.

Not to mention, they’ll also help prevent injuries that can disrupt your stamina training routine. Socks and calf sleeves will reduce your risk of shin splints, while socks (as they support the foot) will help you avoid sprains.

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